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How I became a magician? PART I

February 14, 2016

Get to know who is EmE and how he became a Magician in Wisconsin

I Was 6 years old when everything started...

I went to the first magic show that I can recall...I was up on stage with this tall magician (I was just a little peanut) and he was holding a silk in his hand and I was holding mine. We both made a knot, shook the silk and boom!!... his know disappeared...mine "knot".

Since that very moment I knew I wanted to be a magician, I wanted to know how he did it, why it didn't happened to me - I dont have the magic? - I thought ...amused by this miracle, a huge curiosity for learning the art of magic started at that early age. I remember going to the library every Wednesday in elementary school ( I went to school up to college in Lima, Peru) and try to find a magic tricks book. Unfortunately/fortunately all I found were experiments and curiosities books. That helped me a lot to become a creative person and a lateral thinker.

Every Monday my dad would take us all to walk around Lima, it was very fun. My siblings and I would always go to a park in the heart of Miraflores, which is the neighborhood where I was born and raised, and we would go to this park called "Kennedy's Park" very interesting name by the way for a park that has nothing to do with the U.S.

I would always run to a section were they were local artists showing their painting, cartoons and more!

One day I found a library just across the street and I saw for the very first time what would become my first magic book (and way far from being the last one).

All the secrets were unveiled to me, all this knowledge, all this... hard to describe (and specially in your second language) thinking behind what we see when we see a magician performing.

I fell in love with Magic. I knew it was going to be a forever and ever until death due us part type of thing. Everything that is behind it, all the arts and science that makes it possible, so many things that I get to keep for myself, so many things to practice for hours and hours, but this is just the beginning...

...from this 6 years old boy to the Magician in Wisconsin that Im today, they are tons of memories, stories, years. 25 to be precise!

And I want to share it with you. With its ups and downs, with my lack of English writing skills (there is one way to get good at something right?) I just want to share this love for my art. Either with these words or by performing for you.

With this introduction I invite you to be part of the world of EmE MaGiC.



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