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Closeup MaGiC

magician in wisconsin

Perfect for a small group of people, weddings, cocktails, reunions, social nights, bars,restaurants, table hopping, street magic,  and more!


Closeup Magic is magic with small objetcs as coins, cards, sponges, fire and other objetcs.... all the magic happens in your hands or right in front of you!


MaGiC 4 KiDs

Ideal for birthday parties, events at schools, libraries, fundraising events, churches, playgrounds and festivals.


Your kids are going to love the routines that EmE MaGiC has prepared for them!!


Musical routines, audience participation, laughter, amusement, tables flying, kids floating, vanishing and appearing objects all across the room; for sure an unforgetable day!


Comical, fun, and entertaining are words that describe these shows. We adapt our shows and costumes to your party's theme.



If you are a company that is seeking to attract potential customers at a trade show, or want to launch a new brand, or are simply hosting an event for your employees such as a holiday party, a team building activity, an annual gala or fundraising event; EmE MaGiC is your best choice to entertain, captivate and generate leads.


It all depends on your goals. We will go through a needs analysis to determine what will best suit your objectives.

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