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Lighting Services.

Lighting is very important to give ambiance to a venue, give it color, life, rhythm.  The mix of the colors in the dance floor will give your guests and you, the feeling of being in a private club.
Our company can change the color of the lights, positions, program them to spot a specific point and much more.


Uplighting & Accent Lights
 Transform, enchance, accent your venue.


Transform the look and feel of any room into something exceptional with uplighting. It easily sets the mood of the entire event by adding dramatic, elegant columns of light. Integrating uplighting and ambien lighting allows you to create a cohesive look by marrying your venue with your event colors.


With our par led RGB,we can change the color of your reception venue, its called uplighting. We can change up to 10 colors to match your decoration or theme. We also can change the colors to the rhythm of the music and program each par led to be on or of according to the music in a great sequential show.

The same room can look completely different according to the color applied . Enhance the beauty of your venue with EME UPLIGHTING

Moving Heads & Club lights
Ignite your night with our intelligent lights.

​With our Intimidators, we will give live and energy to the dance floor, with great efects, colors and strobes. Your guests will love the display of lights.

Some features:

• Bright, lightweight and compact LED moving head perfect for mobile applications

• Fast and precise movements energize the dance floor
• Super smooth dimming and adjustable strobe speed for extra show     


• Sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music

Your name in lights
Monogram projection: your name wherever you want


With our monogram projection you can have your initials in the dance floor, walls or structures. You can customize your design, just give us the idea, we will design it for you and send your custom gobo* to our partners to cut it with a laser machine. At the end of your venue you can keep this gobo* as a souvenir .

*gobo: little piece of metal engraved with your initials or a specific logo.

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