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How I became a magician PART II

Where did I leave this first part? ... oh yeep, I remember now. 25 years to be precise since I decided to become a magician.

Things don't happen just because. I am not a huge believer of fate, destiny or however you may want to call it. I do believe that our creator has a plan for us. I was taught recently that we are all perfect the way we are "we just can't see it" and that for sure was something that moved every single cell in my body and neurons in my mind to decide to become a magician, an illusionist, an atonisher...but why? ... WAIT, I was talking about fait right? ... I don't know if I was meant to be a magician or any sort of artist, nor writer (take that for granted and in a different language), but something I knew, since I was a little kid, is that I was born to communicate. I have a passion for sharing things with people, even people I don't know.

For a little while, when I was around the 6 to 7 years old I got into drawing, I remember like if it was yesterday. My dad bought me a small "how to draw cartoons" book - one of those that teaches you how to draw lines first and then draw with a sharpie of a fine pen over those lines and keep proportions" So I got so into drawing!! now a days I'm not a Da Vinci, but heck I have so much fun when I grab a piece of paper and a pen. In matter of fact, anbody that I do business with (in my day job) can tell you that I always take out my note pad and I start doodling around my ideas while explaining how I see a WIN-WIN business partnership... I will talk later on about my day job, I promise not to bore you.

Going back to drawing I used to spend a lot of time looking at cartoons and trying to replicate them. The simpsons, the popular Nintendo game Punch Out, Dragon Ball Z, you name it !!

I recently got into the painting bars - I like more the idea of painting sorrounded by a bunch of strangers letting their creative side and inner child come out and play. I can feel it. I feel like a 31 years old boy in the middle of a classroom...What do I paint about...of course... MAGIC!!! anything that has to do with it. Coins, court cards (in a cartoonish way), ropes, magicians, kings, queens, etc... my place is full of them!

Here some pics of what Ive painted.... I never said I was talented for the record :P

I wish I could remember the name of that book!! Sometimes we look back and the smallest simplest things in life use to made us so happy!...right?

I can go on and on with my story, but I will let you with that last bold sentence. Lets just sit and think about it for a second, maybe two...or three.

NO, I havent lost the plot of this whole post, I just dont want to take much of your time today.

Until the next post!



PS: Happy leap day!! I wont be writing on February 29th in the next 4 years ;P

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